Benefits and Risks of Alcohol Use

Knowing the possible health benefits and risks of alcohol usually appears to be confusing and that is relatable since the proof for drinking alcohol moderately in adults is still uncertain. Surprisingly, researchers know only some of the benefits or risks of moderate alcohol intake for healthy adults. The majority of all lifestyle, such as alcohol, caffeine, exercise, and diet, alcohol shopping in Nestor Liquor store San Diego, depend on truthful reporting and patient recall of one’s habits for several years. These researches show that 2 things could be linked with each other, however, it does not mean that one causes the other.

Any possible alcohol benefits are significantly small and might not be applied to all persons. As a matter of fact, the most recent dietary guidelines made it clear that nobody should drink more often or start drinking alcohol just because they have learned that it has possible health benefits. For a lot of individuals, the probable benefits of alcohol intake do not outweigh the dangers and abstaining from alcohol is the best thing to do.

On the contrary, if you happen to be a light to moderate drinker and you are healthy, perhaps you can keep on drinking as long as you do it in moderation.

Below is a closer look at your health and alcohol.

What does “moderate” imply?

For healthy adults, moderate alcohol intake basically means maximum of 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women. Drinking moderately might offer a few health benefits like:

Potential to minimize your risk of diabetes

Potential to minimize your risk of having ischemic stroke.

Minimizing the risk of developing of heart disease and dying because of it.

However, you should remember that even moderate alcohol intake is not hazard-free. For instance, even light drinkers have a small, but real, heightened risk of cancers, like esophageal cancer, making driving and drinking a fatal idea.

Risk of heavy use of alcohol

Though moderate alcohol intake might provide some health advantages, binge drinking or heavy drinking do not have any health benefits. High-risk or heavy drinking is known as more than 3 drinks on whichever day or more than 7 drinks per week for men and women ages 65 and above and more than 4 drinks more than 14 drinks per week for men ages 65 and below.

Too much drinking can boost your risk of extreme serious health issues, such as:

Liver disease

High blood pressure


Problems in an unborn child and brain damage

Sudden death


Heart muscle damage that leads to heart failure

Knowing this information about alcohol is very important to be aware of the possible risks and its advantages that it can provide to a human body. However, bear in mind that you should drink alcohol at your own risk, meaning you must pay attention to the amount of alcohol you drink. As what the old saying goes: Too much of something is bad– make sure to drink moderately.


Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape

Trees are always found on every landscape architecture project. You can see a pool, a hardscape or lighting in every landscape, but you can hardly see one without any trees on it. Landscape projects done by tree service Cincinnati always include trees with unique shape in them. You may not be aware of the benefits the trees give in your landscape because you only think of it as an addition to your aesthetic scheme. The following are the benefits of having trees in your landscape.

Keeps Water Clean

Trees have impact on the quality of water. They remove pollutants and excess nutrients like fertilizers, sediments, pesticides and others. Trees help a lot in keeping our water clean. Trees also provide shade. The light it provides improves the looks of the landscape. It also provides temperature condition that allows production for other plants and animals.

Saves Lives

We all know that trees are responsible for keeping the air clean for us to breathe. When you plant trees in your backyard, you save some lives. According to a study conducted by Davey Institute and U.S. Forestry Service that trees remove 4.7 metric tons of particulate material from the air. The material removed is equal to a reduction in human mortality of person. You may think that planting 1 tree won’t matter, but you are actually contributing to the improvement of lives in your community.

Keeps the Air Fresh

One large tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Imagine one tree doing that, what more if we count the other billions of trees around the world? One single tree can also provide four people’s daily supply of oxygen. Trees are really our savior. They keep the water clean and also the air fresh and breathable for humans. When you include trees on your landscape, you also contribute to the oxygen production.

Home to Wildlife

Trees are homes for 80 species of wildlife. It includes birds, squirrels, salamanders and other animals. Planting more and more trees means we provide more homes for these species. Aside from helping ourselves we also help Mother Nature by providing homes to species. Imagine the rainforest which is a place full of trees, it has been found out that more than 50 million species are living in the trees!

Save Energy

When we plant more trees, we also save energy. When we save energy, we save money, and the chain goes on. Trees are our natural air conditioner. Imagine living in a house full of trees outside giving you natural and cool air. For every dollar you invest in planting trees and maintaining its health, you’ll get something in return, even in monetary way.

Provides Food

Most of our food comes from plants and trees. Our nuts and fruits come from trees and others that contribute to our daily food supplies. Without trees and plants, we are basically nothing. Also during famine or drought, trees can provide emergency food. Its fruits and foods add nutrition to our diets and also provides as a natural supplement to keep our bodies healthy.


Tips to Avoid Road Accidents

Road accidents especially very lethal and deathly ones do not pick a time, a place or a person. Road accidents can happen even to the most careful driver because there are drivers out there who are not careful and there are unprecedented things that can happen such as a catastrophe, a simple phone call or even just a piece of nail or glass on the road.

The most important thing is your readiness for these kinds of situations. You have to be ready all the time and this is why as early as now you should find Towing Warren MI, a towing company that has complete services and equipment and is very reliable for towing services. You should make sure that you hire the best company to ensure the best solution to the problem that might come to you at any time.

Even though you have a good towing company just waiting for your call, you should still avoid vehicular accidents at all times. Below are tips that you can do in order to avoid deadly accidents:

  • You must follow traffic rules and regulations

This can be a bit tricky because not all countries or states have the same traffic rules and regulations. You must be aware of the rules and regulations of the country in which you are driving. if you are planning to travel to another country, make sure that you read their rules and regulations beforehand to avoid accidents.

  • Never mix drinking and driving

If you are driving, stick to only driving and paying attention to the road and the task that you are doing. Do not do two things at once especially if the other thing that you are doing may cause you your life or your vehicle, which, by the way is not cheap.

The most common cause of accidents is drunk driving. Avoid being one of the many people who wasted their lives for a bottle of tequila or a few glasses of scotch.

  • Follow speed limit

There is a reason why a speed limit is created; to make the road safer for drivers. There is a need for you to follow the speed limit to avoid any road accidents. When you are in a very high speed while driving, controlling your vehicle will be very challenging and even the best drivers lose control when over speeding. Never attempt to go over the speed limit because you can subject yourself

  • Use your seatbelt

Upon purchase, a seatbelt is included in your vehicle as it is something that you should use even if you only have to drive a few meters. Wearing a seatbelt is necessary to keep you safe and away from harm and accidents. Do not be lazy and put on your seatbelt and ask people you let ride your car to do the same so that you can all be safe while in the ride.

These are just very simple steps but it would mean a lot when you follow it. By following these steps you can save your life and have a chance to live your life longer.