When Should You Install a New Boiler?

If you are living in countries which has winter seasons, your home probably has furnaces or boilers. Furnaces distribute the heated air throughout the house with the use of ducts. Boilers provide either hot water or steam for heating. Steam boilers will operate at higher temperatures than hot water boilers.

Having boilers in our home is essential as it provides a lot of advantages. First, it keeps you warm. Imagine you are living in countries that reach 40 °F, so keeping your home warm is important. Being able to warm the entire house will be impossible to do without the help of boilers. And second, it helps with tasks in your house. Whether you will be doing the laundry, wash the dishes, clean areas in your house, or even just take a shower. The boiler is the main supply of heating and hot water in your home, so these tasks will get done easily and efficiently. Especially during winter when it is so cold and things are difficult to dry. With boilers, these tasks are done in no time.

But just like any other appliances in your home, your boiler also needs maintenance. Sometimes old boilers can cause huge gas bills. And sometimes they may not be able to provide the hot water which your family needs. Here are a few things to check whether your boiler needs to be replaced:

1. If it keeps malfunctioning

Having a faulty boiler is the least that you would want. Getting it fixed is a lot more expensive than buying a new one. Also, replacement parts for old boilers are hard to find or either very expensive. If it just keeps breaking and you keep on fixing it, isn’t it the perfect time to just replace it? Not just the fact that you will save money, you will also save your time.

2. You own an older version of your boiler

Having an old version of boilers is just not the most efficient idea. Some old boilers do not allow you to control the heating it provides. It does not have any thermostat or any control so this could lead to you having high bills. If your boiler is not efficient then you have to be paying more just to heat your home. Not the best idea for your bank account right?

3. Your current system has a continuous flame

If your current system has this problem, then you are wasting gas. Another waste because of your old boiler. Boilers that have continuous flames or pilot light have been discontinued to be manufactured because of its waste of gas. So why would you keep on using something that is just making you waste a lot of energy and makes you waste money?

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